We’ve all had that kind of a night. You’ve been having a nice evening catching up on that TV series, chatting to a friend or just doing some good ol’ internet surfing. The time finally comes when you finally decided to sleep. You switch off the light and you close your eyes. You’re meant to drift into that sweet sweet slumber but instead your mind starts to wander. You ponder: Is that clock ticking louder than I remember it to? What shall I wear tomorrow? What’s tomorrow’s weather going to be like? What will I have for breakfast tomorrow? Why do some babes have such great skin?

Why do some babes have such great skin... Now that’s a question I can help you with. Most babes are all over their daily skin routine - wash and moisturise day and night. But exfoliation, a vital part of the skin routine, seems to be forgotten by most babes. Keen Bean Scrub is the perfect exfoliator. Keen is all natural, preservative free and made fresh just for you. By exfoliating with Keen two to three times a week you’ll remove dull dead skin cells, detoxify, restore radiance and bring suppleness to your skin. Keen leaves your skin well hydrated, smooth and soft with a healthy glow.

With one thing off your mind now you should be able to sleep like a baby. It’s getting late babe. Time to go get some zzz’s. When you wake up nice and well rested tomorrow morning don’t forget to hop ontowww.keenbeanscrub.com and take me home if I’m not already in the bathroom. If I’m already in the bathroom patiently waiting please do remember to scrub with me. It’s really that easy to get amazeballs skin.

Goodnight xx 

" Things keeping me up at night "