Suffering from itchy skin, dry skin, flakey skin or just simply ‘I don’t know what the heck is going on but my skin isn’t normal’ skin? Babe, rest assured you’re not suffering alone, we’ve all been there. 
The situation is always the same - you feel a sudden change, slight as it may be, and before you know it your skin has taken a dive for the worse. Worst yet, you might not even feel it and wake up to total disaster! 

Unfortunately, there is no magical cure that can instantly fix up your skin problems. Sorry to pop that bubble but there’s no unicorn fix it up in the skincare industry. 

If there’s no fix it up then why am I here you might ask? All this reading for no solution?! 

The solution to that problematic skin breakout or that problem skin you’ve suffered with so for long lies with Keen Bean Scrub. The special properties of each ingredient that s in each packet of Keen has been chosen for their almost magical properties. Each ingredient works extra hard to give your skin all the care it needs to go from zero to hero. 

Scrubbing with Keen calms and soothes irritated skin preventing you from scratching and touching the area so that your skin may heal itself in peace. Scrubbing with Keen prevents skin dryness as it’s natural oils rehydrate and moisturises your skin. Scrubbing with Keen takes away dull and dead skin cells to bring radiance and a healthy natural glow. 

What we’re essentially saying is that Keen will act fast to take care of your skin problems. Implementing Keen into your weekly skin routine will not only prevent breakouts but ensure tip top healthy skin all year round. 

What are you waiting for? Take me home!