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I’ll get into trouble for the mess I make!

You’re having fun and enjoying the moment. Heck things might get messy and downright dirty but don’t worry I’m easy to clean. Just rinse down your shower when you finish and no one will know I came by. Guess it’ll be hard to hide that glow (and smile) after getting rough with me.

Oops...I broke keen's outfit!

If my waterproof bag gets ruined from all the fun we have don’t stress. Remember babe, the most important thing to me is that you enjoy our time together. If there is no saving my designer outfit, just give me a better one - store me in a fancy jar or any nice airtight container. Babe, I’m easy.

Is keen only a body scrub?

Babe, I love you all over. How can I possibly resist that beautiful face of yours? I promise to be gentle, especially on that pretty face. When using on the face, be gentle and avoid the eyes. Take it easy around sensitive areas such as under the eyes and the sides of your nose.

As with anything new, make sure you do a patch test first to make sure I treat you right.

...often should I scrub? Am I too keen?

You’re never too keen! But babe, whilst I’d like to see you 'round the clock 7 days a week, it is recommended that you have
one to two scrubs a week. When scrubbing, be gentle and treat your skin well. I will ensure that your skin remains soft, supple and smooth. Just the way I like it.

...long can keen last?

I can say I last forever but I’d hate to lie.
Use keen within six months. Be sure to keep the bag sealed in-between uses and store me in a cool, dry place. I know things can get a little heated sometimes but try to prevent water getting inside the bag as this can reduce my shelf life.

...long does it take keen to work his wonders?

Well, since you ask! Mumma told me not to boast but your skin will
immediately feel better after just one scrub. With continued use your skin will feel firmer, smoother and more hydrated. It’ll be so good that even you can’t stop admiring (and feeling) yourself. Oh la la #imadmiringyoualready