" Exfoliation is key "

We want our skin to be healthy, well moisturised/hydrated and absolutely glowing – Every. Single. Day. But the age old question is…how?

The simple answer is…(drum roll)…a great skincare routine! Let’s take a minute and pause right there babe, do you have a good skincare routine?

A good skincare routine doesn’t need to follow any set rules. The key is to keep it simple and keep it real. A simple skincare routine is one you’re comfortable with, fits your lifestyle and one that you will follow through. Ain’t nobody got time for a routine that is overly complicated, time wasting and no fun.

For starters, we all know that we need to cleanse and moisturise.

We will most likely have our face cleansing down pat – we will wash and exfoliate. Same with the body, we all have our favourite soap/body lotion.

But… what about exfoliation for your body? Most of us will be guilty of forgetting this component! That’s where Keen Bean Scrub comes in. To keep the skin on your body in tip top shape, we need to scrub two to three times a week. What better way to take care of yourself than with Keen, an all natural, preservative free and great smelling body scrub.

You can then follow up post scrub with your favourite lotion, day/night cream, maybe even an eye cream and your trusty ‘ol body lotion :)