In my time I’ve come across many skin care products and I get it babe - looking for the right product is a hard task. Without proper knowledge, choosing what to spend your hard earned dollars on will most likely be based on which product has the best packaging and flashiest marketing.

Now I’m a sucker for choosing a book by it’s cover too (frankly who doesn’t love a lil’ eye candy?) but I also want you to go home with a quality product. Here are some tips to help you do exactly that:

1. Preservative free – To make a product last on the shelf longer preservatives are often added to products. You really don’t want something that’s been made months and years ago being applied to your skin.

2. Natural – Mother nature knows best. Say no to synthetic chemicals made by people in strange lab coats.

3. Know your own skin – This one is a bit left field I know. Choosing a quality product is as much about you as it is about the product itself. Start noticing your skin more – Is it dry, oily or sensitive? What ingredients work? What are you allergic to?

Actually, you’ve been staring at the best product out there. I’m an all natural scrub preservative free scrub.

What’s more I’m made fresh upon your order and I promise to leave you soft, smooth, supple and smelling oh so divine. Plus I’m great on the eye with my trendy packaging and fashionable label. ‪


" Choosing the right stuff "